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Welcome to "Natural Line"!

On the market for natural and healthy products our company “Natural Line” represents the production of the Shanghai enterprise which manufactures treatments under the name “Bang De Li”. You can purchase natural homeopathic products both at wholesale and retail price. To open for you the simplest and safest way to recovery, plus the opportunities for the preventive care of the diseases and to obtain real rejuvenating effect are the basic purposes of our company “Natural Line”.

The production of Shanghai medical university  is produced based upon the efficient prescriptions, which were found by ancient Chinese doctors, though those prescriptions were modified and improved with the help of contemporary medicine. It’s not a secret that today many people are frustrated with the high exorbitant costs of official medicine, where sometimes they pay but cannot get the cure.  Among the proposed products of “Natural Line” you will find the treatments, which will help to manage the most common nowadays problems of the health:
  • Clean Point (Bang De Li) Tampons
  • Chinese pantiliners with herbs Chi Mei Shu (ZIMEISHU)
  • Pain Relief Patches Bang De Li
  • Prostatic Navel Patches Bang De Li
  • Breast Patches Bang De Li
  • Capsules Factor of Queen Bee`s Embryo
  • Capsules Kang Xin
  • Chinese Slimming Tea
  • Kidney Tea
  • Gionkgo Biloba Tea
  • Diabetic Patches
What could be more desirable than health, youth and beauty? Preserving the potential of life for many years, the products will not only help you to feel your best but also will help to enhance your activities in all the spheres of your life.

Tampons "Clean Point"

The therapeutic and prophylactic tampons "Clean Point" ( Bang De Li) Main Ingredients: Radix Sopharae Flavescentis , Cortex Dictamni Dasycarpi Radicis , Lobelia , Ginger , Cotex Phellodendri (Huang Bai), Semen Cnidii Monnieri (She Chuang Zi ) e.g. The female tampons help with the diseases of the organs of the small basin such as: the inflammation of the inner shell of womb, cervical erosion of different degrees, the inflammation of appendages. They are so very effective with the preventive care of yeast infection, hemorrhoids, urinary dysfunction, cystitis and others.

The Orthopedic Patch

The Orthopedic Patch "Bang De Li"-Main Ingredients:Refined from Reticulate millettia, saline cistanche, davallia mariesii, Chain fern, wild celery,safflower, spignet, corydalis and borneol.  It has the anaesthetizing effect, it improves the circulation of the blood in the organism, it helps with the removing of the swelling associated with any injuries, it improves metabolism. Orthopedic bandage should be used for prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disk, sciatica, rheumatoid arthritis, inter-blade ganglion pains, periartrite, lumbar- sacral radiculitis, arthritis, arthrosis of knee joints, heel spurs, any kind of joints’ injuries.

The Navel Urologic Patch

The Urologic Patch. Main Ingredients: Refined from pollen typhae, Sichuan Achyranthes, saffron, cinnamon, Polypodium lingua Sw., plantain, Conioselinum univittatum Turcz, Corydalis, borneol, etc. The Urologic Patch is used for the prophylactics of the diseases of prostate gland, nephritis, kidney deficiency, impotence and others.  For the best result patches should be used at list 6 times, what is equivalent to one course.

The Capsules KangXing

Kang Xing Capsules. Main Ingredients: Astragalus, Salvia miltiorrhiza, Common valerian and other herbal components. Capsules are food additives and help to move away slugs and toxins from the walls of blood vessels. They prevent the growth of the fibrosis and smooth muscle metaplasia, they soften atherosclerotic platelets, they restore the elasticity of blood vessels, they improve capillary blood circulation, they increase the tone of heart and brain, they normalize blood pressure.

The Patch for Curing the Mastopathy

The treatment of mastopathy. Main Ingredients: Refined from dragon's blood, muskiness, frankincense, myrrh and many other herbs. Functions: This plaster will help to regulate the entering of invigorating energy into your breast, if it is struck by the disease of mastopatiya. Our plaster  contributes to averting the appearance of new tumors and disperses already existing nodal swelling.

The Capsules Feng Mian Ning

The Capsules Feng Mian Ning. Main Ingridients: is consist of frozen-dry powder of queen bees embryo, valerian , wild jujube and astragalus. Because of the unique composition, the capsules render health-improvement action to all main systems of the human organism: digestive, nervous, cardiovascular, endocrine, urinary. They contribute to the restoration of the  liver tissues, they are also effective with the tumor diseases (even at the last stages).

Chinese Slimming Tea

Slim Tea. Main Ingredients:  Tuckahoe, Chinese radish seed, Coix seed, Orange peel, Medlar, Lotus leaf, Liquorice, Glucose. It is what it is - the ultimate weight loss product.  Slimming tea helps to reduce cholesterol level in a natural way, plus it reduces the blood sugar level. Slimming tea promotes cleansing, detoxification and healthy digestion. Slim Tea, when enjoyed after meals, counteracts the effect of fats by emulsifying them in the digestive tract and hastens digestion. Slim Tea contains no sugar, laxatives, chemicals or artificial ingredients and its caffeine free.

Kidney Tea

Kidney Tea.  Main Ingridients: White sugar, Rhizomа zingiberis, Cinnamon, Chinese date, Medlar, Tuckahoe, Rhizoma polygonati. Provides a kidney cleanse, a procedure aimed at dissolving Kidney stones - stones formed inside kidneys. It is very essential to cleanse your kidneys if you suffer from sluggish bowels or digestive disorders, toxins can accumulate in the intestines which prevent proper digestion.By performing a kidney cleanse, you will  flush these toxins through the system and eliminate them naturally with our herbal mixture.

Ginkgo Biloba Tea

Ginkgo Biloba Tea. Main Ingredients: honeysuckle, gingko leaves and  ginkgo roots.Our ginkgo clarity is a fragrant herbal blend specially formulated to enhance your mental performance and your memory. We use ginkgo leaf, used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine, to help stimulate cerebral function by refreshing brain cells with an abundance of blood and oxygen. Our tea revitalizes and rejuvenates your mental alertness and concentration.