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The “Natural Line” is the direct partner of the Chinese enterprises, which are rightfully considered the world’s leaders in production of unique homeopathic treatments. Two of the most popular of those treatments are the tampons “Clean Point” and Chinese pantiliners with herbs Chi Mei Shu (ZIMEISHU) . The headquarters of those enterprises are located in Shanghai Medical University. The entire production, all of the treatments have passed necessary international certification. We are developing our business naturally, without resorting to the traditional advertisement, where one could make statements which are not supported by real results. In our business we are resting only on real results and demand among our clients. Our basic production partners are the: company “Syan I Ben TsAO (Central Aerological Observatory)” from Shanghai (manufacture of female therapeutic cosmetic, this company employs in their practice the symbiosis of centuries-old Chinese medicine traditions together with nowadays innovations) and the company “GEE Shi Dzya”, the province Guandun, g. to Shantou (manufacture of homeopathic treatments which are created by unique technologies to improve overall health of the human body). These enterprises specialize in development and manufacture of different kind of food additives, homeopathic treatments and such popular health-improvement products as bandages and hygienic tampons. There are 6 big enterprises in the Republic of China who represent the interests of “Natural Line” company and the distribution of the products is developed throughout China. One might ask why our therapeutic treatments are so popular. Answer to this question is obvious if you take into account several influential facts. First, many people find contemporary medicine as not capable of solving all the problems with the health. Very often all medical efforts are directed toward the investigation of the reasons for particular diseases, then toward development of the algorithm of treatment for such a disease, and eventually – toward the sale of their services. In most cases temporary medicine doesn’t use the nature in the preventive care of diseases and their possible complications. But indeed it is much more organic and efficient way to fight with the ailments with the help of  natural, tested  by centuries homeopathic treatments which now are manufactured with the usage of all known to the mankind technologies. Those treatments might help to prevent a disease, without letting it to develop. And it’s also much more effective way to fight with the neglected diseases. Because the entire heavy artillery, which is been at the disposal of contemporary medicine in many instances doesn‘t has the power needed to help… What we are selling it’s the therapeutic products, which are working in conjunction with successful preventive care of diseases plus soft natural treatment of such.

Secondly, our treatments are representing on the contemporary market the very considerable achievements of Chinese medicine in homeopathy.  Chinese Wise man and Ancient Chinese doctors practiced the integral approach to human health, which includes the estimation of his body condition plus spiritual state. They were  concerned not only about the  outward and visible symbol of the health such as the condition of human body, but also about the energy and state of mind of their patients. This method is much more effective, than popularized by contemporary official medicine’s method of operation looking only at the body condition. As a result medical efforts today in many instances bring only temporary relief to the suffering patients, or not at all can they render real aid. Whereas the developed by the centuries-old practice of the best eastern doctors natural medicines are directed toward the harmonization of interaction of all forces of human organism Our treatments are intended to provide deep support, and delicate, natural aid precisely in that place, where it’s needed. The gynecological tampons “Clean Point” are capable of bringing recovery even when traditional medicine suffered fiasco. The production of the Shanghai medical university “Natural Line” today finds its grateful customers in many countries, for example USA, Russia, Germany, England, Australia, Canada and many others. The application of therapeutic products, and in particular tampons of “Clean Point“and Chinese pantiliners with herbs Chi Mei Shu (ZIMEISHU), shows real results when it comes to purification, rejuvenation of systems and organs, preventive care of the diseases (in the overwhelming majority of the cases the only reasons why a person got sick is pollution and the weakened by it immune system) Our tampons and Chinese pantiliners with herbs Chi Mei Shu (ZIMEISHU), are also showed great success in  stimulation of the vital shielding and self-regulating mechanisms of our body.


Finally, we want to note that company “Natural Line” is developed together with people who put their believes and trust in our production. We will be glad if you join us. We are trying to combine two crucial things in our business – to render some aid to people via further popularization and sale of therapeutic products, and to make sure that we all are not only healthy but live in prosperity.

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