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imagesAll of us have problems that are often connected with health. Frequently, there is no big difference between the man and the woman. As it’s once said, everyone gets a destiny of their own, but as I the woman, at first, I would like to tell a little bit about myself; what exactly has pushed me to write this article. Many of us know that the beginning of our female problems begins with a youth. Somewhere it wasn’t taking care; somewhere you has sat on cold, has not put on warmly, has chilled feet, and further, did not descend during time to the doctor, has not found time to undergo treatment and all of it certainly reflected our health. If not at once then in a consequence, that’s what happened with me.

By 20 years began to be ill ovaries, there were faults with monthly cycles, and after marriage began a problem to become pregnant, then inflammation of an reproductive cell, erosion of uterus neck, after three deliveries discovered cancer cells and as a result… Uterus was removed. It wasn’t pleasant, but this was not the end. Through time there were severe pains, times similar to contractions. At this time I could lay down only, hardly, through a pain, turning on other side. I couldn’t even raise a question to consider getting up. Such minutes the life seemed terrible. As it was then found out consequences formed inside cysts, which doctors at first could not find out at all. Home life became the real test. The reference to the doctor and a drug intake has not brought visible results. Pains passed and appeared, it was impossible to foresee when the new attack will begin.

On the nature I’m the person not inclined to trust in treatment, herbs and grasses, but life changes opinions. About one year back, the girlfriend, knowing about my problems, and certainly having hers, has shared about one production having told about her results. They were Chinese herbal tampons “Clean Point”, such I saw for the first time. Heard about the Chinese production and never having used anything similar I had concerned; even though, impression they have made was positive. Searching in the literature I discovered that Chinese Medicine is one of the ancient in use of natural products that actually our grandmothers did also. And for today many switch to treatment by natural products. As a result, I have decided to try. If it was not with me, then I would not believe. I have put down them much, but on the first 4 tampons the organism was cleared from soar (milk) thrush or otherwise known as east infection. Feelings were not the best… There were enough infections and toxins. But most of all impressed when cysts began coming out. My husband is medical specialist but he was only surprised….

Who cried from a pain and endured feeling hopefulness, will understand what means pleasure tears when the habitual sensation terrifying you long time has gone and you is free from it. Cleansing occurred for few months, as result easiness and good mood has come. The pain does not remind of itself and marriage life was adjusted, though we already could not dream of it.

Our views are often based as a result of wrong combined opinion of other people or our unsuccessful experiences in use of preparations that confuses us and does not allow to see set of good and really qualitative products. The choice remains for us. In each business, and especially in such as our health, the judiciousness is necessary and knowledge as well; in other words, trustworthy information. Without certain knowledge it’s difficult to understand. But if doctor, who is knowledgeable person, does not know what caused the problem, and prescribes a harmful preparation, what to do? I think it’s time when the decision of our own problems, depends on us.

Author Yekaterina Ivanova

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