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Yeast infection (candida, thrush)


The candida yeast infection is also called Candida vulvovaginitis or thrush. The cause of the yeast infection is Candida albicans which is a type of fungus often normally present in small quantity in the female system. Candida are present on skin and mucous (in the mouth and intestines) of the majority of healthy people. Under certain conditions the Candida fungus can multiply very quickly, leading to candidiasis. More often the yeast infection arises when the body’s general and local immunity is weakened for some reason. If treatment is not started right away, the process of recovery can extend for rather a long time.

The factors promoting development of the yeast infection include the following:
  • Use of antibiotics;
  • Douching;
  • Wearing tightly fitting underwear (especially synthetic material);
  • Pregnancy;
  • Diabetes;
  • HIV-infection.
Symptoms of yeast infection for men:
  • An itching and reddening of the head of a sexual member;
  • A rash along the shaft of the sexual member or on the tip;
  • Small white blisters on the head of the sexual member;
  • Pain during sexual intercourse and urination.
Symptoms of yeast infection for women:
  • An itching and reddening of external genitalia;
  • An itching and pain within the vagina;
  • White clumpy discharge from the vagina;
  • Pain during sexual intercourse;
  • Pain during urination.
What is the danger of a yeast infection?

For an otherwise healthy person, a yeast infection does not generally pose a serious health threat. Nevertheless, it causes discomfort and anxiety for the patient and also interferes with a normal sexual life. Besides, the yeast infection can be a sign of another more serious condition such as diabetes or an HIV-infection. Once having visited the doctor and having received instructions on how to treat the yeast infection, many patients have a reoccurrence of the yeast infection again and again. The conventional treatments will help manage the yeast infection once, twice, and a third time, but sooner or later this approach may fail to effectively eliminate the yeast infection. After all, the root of the trouble is in the compromised immunity and the yeast infection is only its external display. Therefore simultaneously with treatment of the yeast infection it is necessary to search and eliminate the immunodeficiency cause, to strengthen the naturally occurring micro flora. Without it, the yeast infection will appear again and again.

The symptoms of the yeast infection or Candida (thrush) can include an itching and burning which may not be entirely harmless. The same symptoms are characteristic for gonorrhea, a bacterial vaginosis, genital herpes, clamidiosis, mycoplasmosis, ureaplasmosis, and other infections.

Candida Thrush Treatment

If wonder how to cure a yeast infection naturally, we have an answer. Using tampons “Clean Point” for treating of Candida (thrush) has been found to be reliably effective for the typical cases. The herbal components have been developed so that the tampons collect fungi, bacteria and by-products of infection, while absorbing blood, thereby promoting healing of the woman’s system. Tampons “Clean Point” may be classified as “herbal” as they are composed of a mix of natural botanicals and traditional Chinese plant products.

Women can be relieved to know how to treat a yeast infection using natural methods!

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