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  1. What are the properties of the product "Clean Point "?
  2. Why is "Clean Point" tampons, which relieves inflammation and kills bacteria, seen as such a helpful treatment for gynecological diseases?
  3. Why "Clean Point " tampons are a reliable herbal treatment?
  4. Why after using tampons, would there be rejuvenation?
  5. What cosmetic benefits can the "Clean Point" tampons regimen provide?
  6. Why does the "Clean Point" tampon have a rejuvenating effect and reducing of the vagina?
  7. Why does stomach discomfort occur while using "Clean Point" tampons?
  8. Why when using the "Clean Point" tampons is external vaginal itch sometimes noticed?
  9. Why do pigment spots quickly disappear after a normal menstrual cycle?
  10. Is it true that after the application of one unit of tampon a noticeable improvement can occur?
  11. In how many days a tampon can be used after childbirth or surgical procedures?
  12. Can women experiencing menopause use the tampons?
  13. After using 1 or 2 units, when tampon is removed, there is a mass of white tissue-like build up that is extracted with the tampon...
  14. Some women have dry skin on the face and yellow or dark spots before menstruation, often accompanied with stomach cramps. Can a tampon to help in these cases?
  15. Can I use a tampon if I have cervical erosion and inflammation of the uterus?
  16. Why after use of a tampon is there a feeling of dryness?
  17. Why clumps and dark colored blood are extracted when the tampon is removed after use?
  18. What if signs of allergic reaction appear?
  19. Why do tampons have a pleasing effect of a more bountiful bust?
  20. Can the same swab used more than once?
  21. Can a tampon be used after resection of the uterus and ovarian cancer?
  22. Can women with diagnosis of ovarian cyst use these swabs or not?
  23. Why does use of a tampon seem to be accompanied by some bleeding?
  24. Why after using a tampon are white clots expelled?
  25. Why after using tampons may the menstrual cycle be disrupted?
  26. Why during treatment with the tampon might there be headache or pain in the back and legs after using just one or two?
  27. Why do some women have sore breasts after using 1-3 tampons?
  28. Is it true that tampons upset the pH balance of the vagina?
  29. What if someone mistakenly places the tampon in the mouth. What should be done in this case?
  30. Within a month after the abortion I felt good. Then I tried a tampon, and I felt bad. Tell me, please, is the tampon causing side effects?
  31. During the 4 years I have been suffering from chronic inflammation in the pelvic area. After the application 4 tampons, the pain intensified. When I removed the tampon, the pain lessened. Please explain why this is so?
  32. I have had toxic vaginitis for more than 2 years. Which treatment should I follow?
  33. In the first month after the abortion, menstruation is regular. After using a tampon, a subsequent menstrual cycle is accompanied by a large amount of blood. This month there are no monthly. After 10 days, the injection of progesterone. 7 days have passed and still no monthly. The lack of menstruation may be somehow connected with the use of tampons or not?
  34. Can a woman be sexually active during the use of tampons or not? If before engaging in sexual contact tampon is removed and residual exfoliated tissue left inside, what is advice in this case? Can I engage in sex after removing a tampon or not?
  35. I have a toxic vaginitis. After using 3 tampons, my chest started to ache. Especially pain increases before menstruation, and so continued for 4 days. Why?
  36. Can women with uterine fibroids use this herbal tampon?
  37. I would like to ask first - prior to use of the tampons I have not had any disorders. Then I used 5 boxes of tampons. Once I stopped using them, I noticed an itch. After I began again to use the tampon, the itching passed. Please explain what is happening?
  38. While using a tampon, can I have an X-ray?
  39. Tell me please, can I use a tampon to prepare the uterus and vagina in pregnancy?
  40. It has been a year since erosion of the cervix. A doctor at the hospital told me I shouldn't need to take any medications. Tell me please, can I use tampons or not?
  41. My wife had a polyp of the uterus. It was removed recently but hasn't gotten better. Now the uterus is bleeding more than before. Could you tell me please how it can be cured? We have no children, but want in 1-2 years! Thank you.
  42. I inserted a new tampon after using the previous tampon. Now I have a discharge something like water. Prior to that, this same discharge was noticed, but then to a lesser extent. I already took 3 courses of treatment, why is there still the same discharge. When can I finish the treatment and how long do I need to continue to use tampons? Sometimes the intervals between applying tampons was 10 days, which is longer than recommended. Will this have an effect?
  43. What's going to happen if after taking out the tampon I do not douche my vagina or douche it not enough (or not right)?
  44. Do the herbal tampon free adhesions from the fallopian tubes?

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