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Cibotium barometz


Cibotium barometz

Cibotium barometz, golden chicken fern, woolly fern, is a species of tree fern in the fern family Dicksoniaceae. C. barometz is native to parts of China and to the western part of the Malay Peninsula. The plant grows only to a height of 1 meter, when erect, but is often prostrate, forming colonies of plants on open forest slopes and in disturbed areas. The fronds up to 3 m (10 ft) long. The sori are marginal on the pinnules.

The species is a folk medicinal herb in common use. Although it is widely distributed, the plant has been extensively collected in Southeast Asia, causing the decline in the population size and number of individuals. It was thought to be the legendary Vegetable Lamb of Tartary during the middle ages.

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