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Syringa (Lilac) is a genus of about 20–25 species of flowering woody plants in the olive family (Oleaceae), native to woodland and scrub from southeastern Europe to eastern Asia. They are deciduous shrubs or small trees, ranging in size from 2–10 m tall, with stems up to 20–30 cm diameter. The leaves are opposite (occasionally […]


Astragalus contains the main active substances triterpene (saponins) and flavonoid glycosides. In particular, in the grass Astragalus is found glycyrrhizin, flavonoids kvertitsina, kaempferol and their glycosides. Astragalus is a source of multiple macro-and micronutrients. Astragalas contains up to 1.5% of selenium – one of the most important trace elements, providing antioxidant protection of each cell […]

Chinese Radish, (Daikon)

Daikon (from Japanese, literally “large root”), Raphanus sativus var. longipinnatus, also called Oriental radish, Chinese radish and Mooli (from Hindi Muulii), is a mild-flavored, very large, white East Asian radish. Despite being known most commonly by its Japanese name, it did not originate in Japan, but rather in continental Asia. Although there are many varieties […]


Boswellia sacra (frankincense source), especially when mixed with myrtle oil has the property of deep penetration into the body and a strong cleansing effect. It has been used to heal hard-to-heal wounds, reduces cough, and when in combination with rose oil is used to treat headaches, ear diseases, and to dissolve tumors. Essential oil of […]

Valeriána officinális

Valeriána is an herb. Medicine is made from the root. Valerian is most commonly used for sleep disorders, especially the inability to sleep (insomnia). It is frequently combined with hops, lemon balm, or other herbs that also cause drowsiness. Some people who are trying to withdraw from the use of “sleeping pills” use valerian to […]


Acacia is a genus of shrubs and trees belonging to the subfamily Mimosoideae of the family Fabaceae, first described in Africa by the Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus in 1773. Many non-Australian species tend to be thorny, whereas the majority of Australian Acacias are not. They are pod-bearing, with sap and leaves typically bearing large amounts […]

Cinnamomum cassia

Cinnamomum cassia is an evergreen tree whose bark is used primarily as cinnamon in North America in stick form or ground as a powder. Cassia cinnamon is somewhat bitter, spicy, and has a rougher texture than its more expensive cousin, Ceylon cinnamon. The delicate and sweet Ceylon variety is used more commonly in Asia and […]

Coix seed

This herb is the seed of Coix Lacryma – jobi (family Cramineae) produced mainly in Fujian, Hebei and Liaoning provinces. Whole plant is har-vested in autumn when fruit is ripe. The fruit is picked,husked and dried insunlight. It is usedunprepared or stir-baked until slightlyyellow. Property: Sweet and bland in flavour, cool in pro-perty, acting on […]


Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) is a highly branched, herbaceous, thistle-like annual, usually with many long sharp spines on the leaves. Plants are 30 to 150 cm tall with globular flower heads (capitula) and commonly, brilliant yellow, orange or red flowers. Each branch will usually have from one to five flower heads containing 15 to 20 […]


Liquorice or licorice is the root of Glycyrrhiza glabra from which a sweet flavour can be extracted. The liquorice plant is a legume (related to beans and peas) that is native to southern Europe and parts of Asia. It is not related to Anise, Star Anise, or Fennel, which are the sources of similar flavouring […]

Cibotium barometz

Cibotium barometz, golden chicken fern, woolly fern, is a species of tree fern in the fern family Dicksoniaceae. C. barometz is native to parts of China and to the western part of the Malay Peninsula. The plant grows only to a height of 1 meter, when erect, but is often prostrate, forming colonies of plants […]

Lotus Leaf

What is lotus leaf? What is it used for? Lotus node comes from the lotus, a perennial aquatic plant related to the water lily. It grows throughout the tropical regions of Asia and the Middle East, with light green leaves and vibrant white flowers. The leaves can grow extremely large at times, reaching more than […]