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Factor of Queen Bee`s Embryo

Factor of Queen Bee`s Embryo – the world’s first product of embryo bees, cures insomnia and slows the aging process.
The capsules FENGMIANNING have a curative effect on all the major systems of the human body:Digestive system,Nervous system,Cardio-vascular system,Endocrine system,Urinary system,Liver and also capsuls prevent malignant diseases.

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Ziziphus, commonly called jujube, red date, or Chinese date, is a species of Ziziphus in the buckthorn family Rhamnaceae, used primarily for its fruits. Common names in Arabic are nabq, dum, tsal, sadr, zufzuuf (in Morocco) and sidr, the last of which also means Ziziphus lotus. In Persian it is called anab or annab, a […]

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