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Ginko Tea

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Having been used for over 150 million years, Ginkgo Biloba tree is widely known for its medicinal value. You can now enjoy the benefits of this herb in a cup of tea. Yes, it’s not a secret that Ginkgo Biloba is known worldwide to bring many health benefits and generally speaking this is the most popular nowadays organic tea. Ginkgo Biloba tea is derived from the Ginkgo Biloba tree which has many medicinal benefits. For centuries Ginkgo Biloba has been used to treat various ailments, and now you can try yourself to see why this tree was considered magic panacea by ancient Chinese doctors.

Main Ingredients: honeysuckle, ginkgo leaves, ginkgo roots.

It is also a known fact, that market offers you today Ginko Biloba extract in various ways: capsules, tablets, powders but historically people used Ginkgo Biloba in a water base, and this led to the development of Ginkgo Biloba tea.  If you are one of those people who want to enjoy the benefits of this herbal in tea form can do so by simply drinking our tea.

What are the key benefits of Ginkgo Biloba herbal tea and why it is so important for you not to miss the opportunity to enhance your health with such useful herb? Ginkgo Biloba tea has the same health benefits like other ginkgo Biloba preparations. By drinking ginkgo Biloba tea, you can get the benefit of the herbal tea’s memory enhancing properties. This is just one of the many beneficial effects one can derive from drinking ginkgo Biloba tea; and there are many others.

The usefulness of Ginkgo Biloba tea:

  • Helping to enhance memory.
  • Improve the blood circulation in the blood vessels, thus stimulating brain and heart functions.(The properties of Ginko Biloba, what makes it such a unique herb, restore better blood flow to the brain, allowing improved use of oxygen, and protect the cells from free radicals)
  • This tea improves the blood circulation, thus improves memory’s function and mental alertness.
  • This tea is rich with antioxidants which promote delay of ageing of an organism and dementia.
  • Treat such diseases as stroke, or Alzheimer’s disease, or loosing memory potentially.
  • Slow down the process of producing of platelet activating factor (PAF); reducing production of PAF could be cause of various problems with immune diseases or inflammatory.
  • It dissolves cholesterol clogging in the arteries, thus protecting you from the risk of heart disease, such as heart attack. (Ginkgo has a tonic effect on the blood vessels, gradually improving their overall condition. We call it “vein tonic” – rejuvenating effect of Ginko on your veins is a proven fact according to our clients.)
  • Balancing a blood pressure.

You could drink this tea as a morning regular tea which will make you in the great tonus and promotes you with the benefits of well-being.


Ginkgo tea can have some side effects, so pregnant or nursing women should take this drink with caution.

Usage and dosage: oral, three times a day, 1 package at a time, brewed with about 200 ml boiling water.

Storage method: place in a cool and dry, well-ventilated place.

Packaging (granulation tea, bags): 10g x 15 bags/box.

It’s possible to use Ginkgo Biloba tea with other memory-enhancing herbs such as sage and rosemary or also could be used with hawthorn and lemon balm herbs to promote appropriate circulation in the body which is essential for overall body health.

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